Board room – Audio Visual VC System integration at NIIT Neemrana 



The seed of starting a ‘university with a difference’ was sown in the mind of Rajendra Singh Pawar(a Padma Bhushan awardee, and the Founder & Chairperson of NIIT Ltd.,) when NIIT Ltd was two decades old and had reinvented itself several times to ride the highs and lows of the economic tide with remarkable panache.

The idea of setting up a not-for-profit university came from a desire to create a new model of higher education that is relevant to the industry requirements of the 21st century. Technology, industry and economy were advancing fast and higher education needed to reinvent itself to cope with these demands.

Mr Pawar, an ‘ideas man’, saw a need to transform the higher education system to bring it to the global standards of higher education and to open up new possibilities for students. Just as he was deliberating on the idea, regular interactions with acclaimed educationists triggered the idea of the four core principles on which NU is built.


SAVI VISION Pvt Ltd, (SVPL) New Delhi, was selected to modernize NIIT University, Neemrana, Board Room Solution with Audio & Video conferencing capabilities. Specifically Digital Dante base Audio, Ceiling Mike, led Panel, Videoconferencing, Presentation and Complete Automation, NU wanted to make World-class Virtual Board Room. 

  • Update audio and video capturing system for in-person 
  • Install a Ceiling microphone system
  • Install ultra-high definition camera systems

    As SVPL is over 35 years old, SVPL knew that its engineering and installation team had to take great care to preserve the character-defining elements of the modern board room video conference hall for the upgraded AV equipment. SVPL engineers had to mock install the complete AV System within stipulated time.

    Since the installation of equipment was scheduled to begin in May 2023, SVPL had to follow strict safety protocol of the university. In some cases, these safety requirements limited the amount of install technicians that could be present at any given time. SVPL was quick to adapt to this chance and formulated an installation schedule that reduced staff overlap, but followed a logical agenda that focused on completing individual systems (i.e. cameras, digital audio Dante system, panel, Digital Podium, control systems, etc.). This scheduling methodology allowed SVPL to install, test, and tune systems as they were installed.


    SVPL completed the system integration within schedule and in time. After demonstrating the new Board Room, faculty and students alike were impressed with the clarity and brightness of the content compared to the previous projector-based system. As the 4k LED Panel has a much lower operating cost, it produces crystal clear high brightness content.

    Additionally, lecture audio and video can now be captured in both high fidelity and high definition thanks to the improved beam array microphone and UHD auto tracking camera systems. Streams can now be made available in real time or for future reference,  technology implemented by SVPL.

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